Fashion Editorial

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot around Midtown with Tim, here are some of our favorite captures.

Another editorial series and another epic character captured. Tim is the latest face to appear in my editorial series, he is a local artist and I think it's safe to say one of Detroit's fashion pioneers. 

Our shoot was less than an hour long, and spanned just a few blocks of Midtown but the variety of shots we captured is pretty astounding. I relied heavily on ambient light, and punched a little bit of fill wherever needed, but for most part I tried to use the tamer autumn sun to my advantage, pulling off some looks almost on par with my beloved octabox set-up.

These types of run and gun editorial shoots are my favorite training regiments. From dealing with a variety of characters, shooting in impromptu locations, figuring out lighting on the spot and contemplating post-work as I shoot, all allow me a certain level of confidence whenever I work on larger projects.I guess what it all comes down to is that practice makes perfect, and having a backup plan never huts.

Keep an eye out for more editorial series as fall shooting season is in full swing!