Kate // Editorial Tester Shoot

New year, new ideas, and new work.

It's almost 2017, and the winter lull is almost over. Which is why I started working on some ideas for the new year. Particularly a new editorial series, a followup to my GRIM series, but this time revolving around a winter setting.

To put this idea in motion, I did a quick test shoot with Kate a week ago. I started testing out ambient lighting during a winter sunset. There's something particularly awesome about having two natural reflectors covering the environment around you, everything is wrapped in even soft light. We shot for about 15 minutes starting at sunset, the ambient lighting was good enough to shoot wide open at ISO 800. The beauty of the conditions required for this look is that they are pretty average winter conditions, and the results are rather particular, creating that "fairytale" vibe I'm always seeking. After ending up with better results from the shoot than I anticipated, I played around with some colorwork that brought through more contrast and toned down saturation. The high-key contrasty colorwork balances out the moodier low-key GRIM series. I'm pretty happy with the final results of this tester, check out some of the work below.