Fashion Show Editorial

One of my first trials in fashion editorial photography, shot on location using a studio strobe and a long salon mirror.

After a month's worth of non-stop work, a destination wedding , and more non-stop work- I finally managed to get around to retouching the Minuet Fashion Show portraits. The Minuet Fashion show was hosted by Tricho Salon with all makeup and hair done by their talented staff.

This was by far one of my most run'n gun fashion shoots ever, not that you'd be able to tell. The lighting set up relied on one studio strobe, bounced in a super wide mirror, which gave a very particular quality of light. I did not retouch the subjects, as I felt it would take away from the authenticity of the costumes. I did however focus heavily on color working the pieces to a point where they emulated 18th century paintings of the French aristocracy, hence the very low key look.

I love projects like this where seemingly average people go out to create immaculate masterpieces; all in the name of art. It goes to show why Detroit is bound to be America's next art capital: we have a large number of creatives who still create simply out of passion.