The Face of REMY ROMAN

Studio Self Portrait

As a photographer I've kept my self mostly behind the camera.

In the past few months I've started to look at my brand a little differently. Instead of looking at my self as a logo that delivers photography and retouching services, I decided to take a step back, look at what I really do, and what really makes my brand.

In my search for what REMY ROMAN is, I came to the conclusion that a face is probably more honest than a logo, if you see my logo everywhere, that's cool... but it's just not genuine. I don't want my brand to come down to nine letters, I want my brand to be an experience, tied to a real person. This is why I will be putting more emphasis on sharing my professional experiences, insights into my thinking, and a few photography tutorials!

Looking at past work, and technical experience, it would be easy to just categorize REMY ROMAN as another commercial photography studio. But that description falls short of explaining the brand's emphasis on story telling, and the craft that goes into creating truly magical media experiences. REMY ROMAN is a creative studio, where collaboration between client and producer are vital to creating my high-end work. I pride my self in my broad repertoire of work, ranging from high end retouching to product, commercial and editorial photography. My repertoire of work allows REMY ROMAN to provide clients with a full spectrum of media solutions, all under one roof for better quality control and efficiency.

Realigning my brand to reflect me will take a little bit of time, but I figured that the best way to break into this realignment would be with a new stylized self-portrait. Help me decide which image should be the next official REMY ROMAN portrait, vote below.

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Which Photo Should Be the next REMY ROMAN official portrait?