Pauline Winter Editorial


This edit has been in the pipelines for some time now, but the wait was totally worth it. I used this shoot with Pauline to pull together a new color pallet for use in upcoming editorial projects. This edit focused heavily on creamy warm colors and deep contrast, pretty similar in nature to Impressionist work. I've been obsessed with the idea of using the exaggerated color pallets of Impressionist paintings in my colorwork for some time now. This tester shoot afforded me the perfect opportunity, having been shot in ambient light on an overcast day, shadows were very soft and highlights never really got a chance to blow out. The nature of the light used in this shoot allowed me to craft images that took colorshifts well, without feeling too exaggerated. This technique will require some tweaking, but I'm excited by the initial results.

PS. Pitch me a high-fashion look, if it's really killer, I will collaborate!