Fashion Editorial Exploration

Fashion editorial is one of the more intricate sides of photography, since it requires a team of talented individuals to execute a project properly. This is why it's important to build a community around driven individuals, who can help each other grow and create better content. This is why I've been working on a few fashion editorial projects with the talented Brittney Ounanian over the past few months. She is an extremely talented hair stylist who honed her skills on the fashion runways of LA and NY. Every time I work with her she brings in a fresh perspective and a glowing attitude, which makes my life easier and our work that much better.

For this series we recruited Jenna O, an up and coming model to help us craft a few solid looks. Brittney pulled off two looks for this shoot, a super clean look and a messy fun look. The clean look was geared toward the realm of high fashion, with velvety hair and neutral makeup. While the messy fun look was meant to embody our talent with an elegant yet carefree look, with a twisted bun and loud eyeliner. Jenna took our concepts and brought them to life, giving us some killer shots to work with.

In order to capture this series I decided to go to my trusty editorial set-up, using a large soft light source and a bounce card to fill. The reason I chose to go to my trusty set-up is the gorgeous Rembrandt effect that it produces. On projects like this, simple lighting solutions are always the most consistent as they allow for more experimentation without constantly readjusting lighting setups and outputs.

The shots we pulled off in this series speak volumes of Jenna's modeling abilities, and Brittney's craft. It's beyond words to describe how fortunate I am to collaborate with these talented individuals, without them, my work would not exist.