Tanya Belle Isle Editorial + LUTs

Last week I caught up with Tanya and we shot some crispy editorial on Belle Isle. I wanted to shoot something super cinematic, where bokeh drew you in and the color stole your attention. Tanya pulled together a complementary outfit for each location, and we managed to pull off a pretty killer color flow. We spent almost two hours shooting our cool scene and waiting for the sun to get perfectly golden, but when the light got right we pulled off some dramatic looks. I think you'll all approve of the color-play in this series.

This photo series was used as a base for producing some new REMY LUTs. I always like to have a few new LUTs up my sleeve with photo work, and now that my experimentation with video colorwork is getting pretty serious I've come to find a new use for my LUTs. The LUTs created in this series are available for download below under Creative Commons (NC) license. Apply these LUTs as "presets" in PS or use them to colorwork video.