REMY's Fall Cinematic Portraits

Hi friends! With the start of Fall, I figured why not take advantage of Michigan's magical color-shift with a new cinematic portrait special. I am offering an hour long location photo shoot, and 10 REMY colored photos for the price of $250.(Valid until September 30th) What that means is that you get double the crispy colorful shots, edited and colored just for you, by yours truly.

What makes my work special is that focus on my client's comfort and storytelling needs. I understand that normal people on average hate having photos taken, and even more so professionally. That's why my shoots tend to be just hangouts where photos happen to be taken. I don't pose clients, I coach them to be comfortable and find the looks that suit them best. After the shoot, the magic part happens, the edit, where I take great care in crafting edits that speak to viewers and reflect my client's character. I don't take photos, I create timeless stories.

Book below or by phone at 734-365-2010.

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