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GRIM feat. Frida Detroit BTS

Behind the scenes look at the recent Grim fashion editorial photoshoot 

Last month I had an amazing team come together to pull off an epic editorial shoot, featuring outfits from Frida Detroit. Thanks to Claire's efforts, we managed to pull together three models and some outfits. While Jackie got our models' makeup on point, and Athena created her hair masterpieces.

We started our shoot at 9 am with breakfast, coffee, and the best news you can get before a shoot... a model bailed. We did what we do best, and made things work. Claire jumped into the shoot, and we took off from there. There's no reason to overthink things you can't control. Over the next few hours Jackie and Athena did their thing, getting our models on point, while Alyssa put together the outfits and accessories. Everything was coming together as envisioned.

The pre-production vibe was good, everyone was positive and ready to make some epic work. Once makeup and hair finished up, the crew got dressed and we made our way to the location, a mountain biking trail out in the burbs. We chose the spot due to its deep forest feel, while being pretty accessible to a full studio kit.

For our shoot we used a 60" octalight on a 600W studio strobe. This gave us enough power to compensate for the sun, while keeping our light source extra soft. The reason I loved planning this shoot was due to the location's variability in contrast, ranging from forest shade to direct beams of light. I decided to use the intense shadow to create dramatic atmosphere, while allowing sun beams and shadows to interact naturally with my subjects.

Our actual shoot spanned just over two hours, thanks to our awesome team and talented models. We knocked out our shots and made our way into color-work within the same day. I was extremely excited to share this work. I published three teaser pieces, and then waited, and waited an entire month, hoping that the series would be picked up and published by a magazine. Sadly, due to the promotional nature of the shoot, it failed to get published. But on the bright side, I got to work with an amazing team, and make some epic work for a great brand.

Creating stunning content takes a lot of hands, and minds to pull together. I'd like to say thank you to the entire team behind the Grim shoot, as well as Frida Detroit for outfitting the shoot.

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